Me, Either or Me, Too?

How often do you hear these expressions? I bet all the time! :)

But when to use Me, either! and Me, too!? (oops is my double punctuation correct there?)

Let's take a look at the following sentences.

Boy: I loved the movie!
Girl: Me, too!

Girl: I didn't quite get that.
Boy: Me, either.
Or the more formal reply would be: I didn't get it, either.

Are these sentences correct? Yes!

In these expressions, we use "too" in affirmative or interrogative sentence to add an agreeing thought. On the other hand, we use "either" in negative sentence/idea to add an agreeing thought.

"Too" or "either" usually comes at the end of the clause. Formal English often requires that we put a comma before it.


shing said...

hmmm....just wondering...

Girl: I didn't quite get that.
Boy: Me, either.

Would the use of "Me Neither" be incorrect in this sentence then? Coz I always thought it was correct, since the previous statement was a negative...hmmmmm...help!

Meikah said...

Me neither and Me too are both accepted in informal English. In formal English, it should be "So do/am I," "Neither do/am I."

shing said...

oh, thanks! :)